Tula Toddler Carrier

My girl is getting heavy! So, I knew when we were planning our summer trip to London, my beloved Infantino carrier wasn’t going to cut it on those long sightseeing days. Enter, the Tula.

The Tula is the Mercedes of baby carriers. It’s high end, stylish and oh so comfortable for both parents and baby.

I decided to go for the Tula Toddler carrier, opposed to the Tula baby carrier because its a little bigger and has room to grow with your child.

My daughter is 17 months old and is barely at the minimum weight/height requirement for the carrier so it was a little baggy on her but still very usable.

The thing I liked the most about it was the comfort of carrying her. The shoulder and hip straps are thick and heavily padded but very supportive. I could easily carry her for 1-2 hours before I would feel like I needed a break. My back and shoulders never hurt the entire week we were traveling.

The carrier was also comfortable for my daughter. Within 10 minutes of being in it, she would fall asleep — out cold for a sold, refreshing nap. The carrier reminds me of a comfy little hammock that she was nice and snug inside.

We also like the back carry option. When she was awake, we would carry her on our back so she could get a good view of everywhere we were walking. The fabric of the carrier went all the way up her back so I never worried about her wiggling out of it.

Lastly, I love love love the stylish and fun prints that Tula offers! My carrier is the  I felt like I was wearing a cute shirt rather than a plain old baby carrier. I received a ton of compliments/inquiries about my carrier.

The only “negative” I have about the carrier is that it’s pretty bulky compared to my other one. We were able to throw it in the bottom of the stroller most of the time but it was a pain to try and roll/fold it up and shove into my bag when we we needed to condense our stuff. The carrier is made of a thick fabric which is great for baby support but I did feel a little hot and sweaty after wearing it for a while.

Overall, I am so glad we brought this carrier on our trip and I’m glad my girl enjoys riding around in it!

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