Review: Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 carrier

The Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 carrier is a best seller for good reason! Let me tell you how much I love mine! This is hands down the best gift I received from my baby shower and one of the most used pieces of baby gear that we own! 

I initially registered for this carrier because of the price, it’s a great value (under $30) at most retailers. It had high reviews and I liked the functionality of having 4 different ways to carry my baby. 

I was not sure if our girl was going to like being in a carrier and I figured if she liked the carrier, we could always invest in a “better” one (but we never needed to). 

2016-10-01 11.56.51-1
Me and my little bean (6 months old) apple picking with our trusty Infantino carrier

So here’s a breakdown of why we love it so much. 

  1. Easy. It’s quick and simple to put on by yourself. A few snaps and you’re ready to roll down the isles of Target. 
  2. Multifunctional. You have 4 ways to carry your baby beginning from newborn (8 lbs) to toddler (32 lbs). Front facing outward is what our girl liked best. 
  3. Lightweight. We used this during the summer months at zoos, amusement parks, baseball games, etc. It’s lightweight and uses minimal fabric so it kept me and baby cooler than other, thicker carriers. 
  4. Durable. I machine washed this thing at least 100 times and it still looks brand new. 
  5. Comfortable. The carrier does a good job of distributing my baby’s weight evenly. I could walk a good distance with her (a trip around the zoo or the mall) and wouldn’t feel any pressure or pain in my shoulders or back. I’m 5’8 my husband is 6’3. We could both adjust the straps and wear the carrier with room to spare. 

This is an overall great carrier. It’s ideal for budget conscious moms or moms who aren’t sure if baby wearing will work for them and their little one. For the price, it’s definitely worth trying out! 

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